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GET SAFE is committed to empowering people from all walks of life to achieve “freedom from fear” in every aspect of their lives through its fun, highly-interactive violence prevention, crisis intervention and recovery programs.

GET SAFE envisions a world in which fear is replaced with awareness, understanding and acceptance — a world in which every individual awakens to the joy and power of being present in every moment.

GET SAFE provides unique training programs, consulting services and interactive materials designed to help people around the world live “free from fear.” With more than 30 years of training experience and nearly 100,000 students trained, GET SAFE has taken all the guess work out of providing the timely, caring programs that help create safer, more inclusive communities for everyone.


The Learning Platform

This new website will use evidence-based approaches to educate and inform visitors how to recognize if a crime has occurred, how to report crimes and abuse, where to obtain community victims services/referrals for individuals with disabilities, how to create a safety plan, how to engage the criminal justice system, and tools for emotional recovery in the aftermath of an assault.

Also, we aim to improve the accessibility of our existing GET SAFE curricula so that we can better train, inform, and educate victims of crimes with disabilities by making our training available to a wider audience.

Stuart Haskin

Stuart Haskin (Founder)

Stuart “Safety Stu” Haskin founded GET SAFE in 1993, and year-after-year he strives to create a nurturing educational environment where everyone can learn the skills needed to protect themselves and lead full, productive and violence-free lives.

  • “I was playing in my neighborhood and one day a friendly man who lived on the same block invited me into his house to play video games. A lot of my friends would take this man up on his offer, but something inside me told me, “No.” I remembered my GET SAFE class and that I should only play with the people my parents said are OK and to trust the feeling in my stomach.”

  • “A priceless and innovating learning experience that all first responders should experience.”

  • “Project GET SAFE self-defense classes, probably second only to my faith in God, have helped me to deal with the fear and helplessness of rape. Thanks to Project GET SAFE, I am now living a functional life and I have learned that while I will never change other people, I can change how they affect me.”


Who We Are

Get Safe Learn, a sister branch of Get Safe, was developed to assist victims of crimes by offering access to our online training and resources.