Screen readers are described by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) as “software programs that allow blind or visually impaired users to read the text that is displayed on the computer screen with a speech synthesizer.” Click here to read more about screen readers.

Word predictors “can help a user during word processing by ‘predicting’ a word the user intends to type. Predictions are based on spelling, syntax, and frequent/recent use. Click here for more information about word prediction.

Video magnifiers are also sometimes described as a form of closed-circuit television (CCTV) that “uses a video camera to display a magnified image on a monitor or television screen.” Click here for more information about video magnifiers.

Services such as those provided by the CPC company can be used on both Mac and Windows formats, and enable deaf students to watch the same online video material as their colleagues. This makes it easier for them to participate in online courses that offer video lectures of their professors. They can also use the program to create their own videos with subtitles or close-captioning, which may come in handy for students with speech disorders. Get Safe Learn provides closed captioning for all of our videos.

A truly innovative tool that makes computer use easier for students with mobility challenges, including paralysis and fine motor skill difficulties, sip-and-puff systems allow users to control a mouthstick, similar to a joystick, using their breath. Students can direct the mouthstick to click on web pages, type, and perform other functions.Click here for more information about sip-and-puff systems

Word Talk is a free add-in for Microsoft Word, this program can read aloud any document written in Word and create audio files that can be saved. Click here for more information about Word Talk software.

Supernova Access Suite is “a complete screen reader with natural sounding speech and integrated screen magnifier with Braille display support.” Click here for more information aoubt Supernova Access Suite software.

For students with limited mobility, Claro’s FaceMouse turns a standard webcam into a mouse operator, allowing students to use their head and facial gestures to perform a number of tasks, including pointing the cursor, clicking on sites, or typing on the keyboard. Click here for more information about Word Prediction.